chinese character fu cake stamp mummy trinh from trinh family co uses

This is the original picture from the Trinh Family Co. Jackfruit Chip packet. It was taken by Carina Trinh on her trip of a lifetime to Vietnam in 2017. 

This was also Mummy Trinh’s first return trip to Vietnam since fleeing in 1979 after the Vietnam War. Carina had spent many years convincing Mummy Trinh to go back to see long lost friends and family and this photo was taken in the small village where both Mummy and Daddy Trinh grew up.

These are traditional cake stamps that Mummy Trinh uses with the Chinese character fú (福) which means blessing. Her ancestors are from a place in China called Cháoshàn (潮汕), she was born in Vietnam, and her kids in Australia. 

Hopefully, when this COVID pandemic settles, there will be many trips planned to visit significant family places.