the three sisters brand from Australia that supplies quality rice vermicelli and rice paper

The Three Sisters

Products: Rice Paper, Rice Noodles, Rice Vermicelli, Wheat Noodles


Products: Instant noodles, Instant Pho, Banh Da Cua, Bun Rieu

Trinh Family Co.

Products: Gift Hampers, Vietnamese Coffee Peanuts, Jackfruit Chips

Three Lobsters

Products: Rice Paper

πŸ’–Daddy Trinh has a deep love and appreciation for Australia and wanted his brand to reflect his connection to the country.
πŸ’–This is his own hand drawn version of the iconic Three Sisters mountains of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.
πŸ’–The Three Sisters is renowned for premium quality authentic Vietnamese products tried and tested by Mummy Trinh.Β 
πŸ’– The Three Sisters brand has a loyal following among popular franchises, traditional Vietnamese family restaurants, catering companies, manufacturers, and Asian groceries to local and international distributors.

πŸ’– A world renowned brand for instant food products, in particular instant noodles and instant pho.
πŸ’– L&T Trading Pty Ltd is the trademark owner and the exclusive distributor for this brand in Australia since 1994, and enjoy the long term business partnerships across Asian groceries in Australia.
πŸ’– Vifon was the original brand to produce high quality instant rice vermicelli and instant pho, being the original dominators of the market in Vietnam.
πŸ’– Vifon products have been loved for generations and are very much a household name in the Vietnamese community.

πŸ’– Our latest creation is an Asian food gift hamper brand that is a fusion between the generations of Trinh.
πŸ’– Designed for 21st century  Aussies who are interested in trying something new.
πŸ’– The Trinh children regularly experience the joy of  serious-taste-bud-satisfaction and  the heart-warming learning about their family’s heritage. They wish to share this with all Aussies through our hampers.
πŸ’– Our wish is for our hampers to be a catalyst for all in nurturing relationships  through the experiencing new flavours together, and sharing of family history

πŸ’– Three Lobsters Brand is a fusion of Daddy Trinh’s love for eating lobsters that represent not just a premium calibre, but also his enjoyment indulging in lobsters that he ate for the very first time in Australia, as well as his love for his three children.
πŸ’– This brand focuses on the Asian grocer market for consumers and business owners to enjoy premium quality authentic Vietnamese products, once again tried, tested, and approved by Mummy Trinh.
πŸ’– Three Lobsters Brand was very well-received as soon as it was launched within the Asian grocery market across Australia.