Meet the Trinh family

It’s mostly Daddy Trinh, but the rest of us play our own little bit of a role in supporting him!

the three sisters brand from Australia that supplies quality rice vermicelli and rice paper
daddy trinh

Daddy Trinh


carina trinh from brendan trinh from trinh family co.

Carina Trinh

Daddy Trinh's Assistant &
Project Manager

mummy trinh

Mummy Trinh

Lead Chef, Team Interpreter, & HR Manager

brendan trinh from trinh family co.

Brendan Trinh

IT and Strategic Support & Warehouse Assistant

duncan trinh brendan trinh from trinh family co.

Duncan Trinh

Food Experimentalist, Administration & Warehouse Assistant

mummy trinh from brendan trinh from trinh family co.


About Us.

from a tiny little village in the south of Vietnam

L&T Trading Pty Ltd is a family business in the suburbs of Sydney,
set up by Daddy Trinh and Mummy Trinh. 

L = Mummy Trinh’s maiden name
T = Daddy’s surname

Daddy Trinh and Mummy Trinh were married back in the day when town matchmakers were a must, and boys and girls were not supposed to speak to each other until they were wed. Their wedding was shortly before the Vietnam War, and their families risked everything by jumping onto two small boats hoping to get to Australia. Pirates wreaked havoc on their boats at least 7 times, and they were stripped of all food, water, and gold. Luckily, they were only left with minor injuries. 

After 5 days of famine and dehydration, they arrived upon the shores of Pulau Bidong Island in Malaysia, where they spent two years that felt like an eternity before boarding a plane to Sydney. Landing in Sydney is described by Daddy Trinh as his re-birth, and he is forever grateful for the opportunity and safety that Australia has provided him.

daddy trinh brendan trinh from trinh family co.


A Few Words About Us

Importing and tailoring authentic premium Asian foods since for Australians since 1989

We are proud that we have been in the business for over 30 years, with customers that have stayed with us the whole time, and new customers who have recently discovered us. 

The incredible thing about Daddy Trinh is that he’s somehow managed to raise the family and run the business with very little English. Of course, he had the immense support from Mummy Trinh and our extended family too. 

cherry, cherries, fruit

Our Love for Food

Food is a huge part of our lives. It brings our family together when we prepare food together, reminisce about the past, get excited about the future, and simply sit and enjoy the flavours and textures, as we also enjoy each other’s company.

Daddy Trinh and Mummy Trinh have three children, in order of birth Carina Trinh (eldest), Duncan Trinh (middle), and Brendan Trinh (youngest). All 5 of us have an intense love for food, and wish to share the love with our fellow Aussies.

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We know that each and every person has a story to tell, whether it be about our parents, grandparents, countries of birth, or friends and family. Not to forget the intense stories of war, depression, seeking refuge, asylum, or migration. There is always a story that shares our vulnerable humanity, to connect us, and to appreciate what we have today to be lucky to be alive in the universe so that we can simply sit and enjoy.

Our Food Policy

All foods from L&T Trading Pty Ltd meet Australian Food Standards, and have been certified by Australian Food Technologists. We are  stringent with food safety measures, and contract the work necessary to experts in the field to ensure that we are transparent with our customers. Our certification for HACCP is through Food Safety Plus.

L&T Trading Pty Ltd has HACCP certification

Our Core Values

This has been a life-long business for the Trinh family rooted upon strong moral values.

  1. Integrity is everything, do it the right way, and do it honestly
  2. Work hard, persist, and find a way to look after customers
  3. Only offer exceptional products that are superior to all competition