Asian Food Gift Hampers


Why Asian Food Gift Hampers?

Trinh Family Co.'s Asian food gift hampers are thoughtfully created with loving hands in the 'burbs of Sydney to convey love through the universal language of food.

Australians can now gift, or be gifted with the experience of Vietnamese cuisine in the comfort of their own home.
coffee peanuts from trinh family co 150g twin pack gift hamper australia
These taste even better paired with a red wine or a beer!

Find an Asian food gift hamper for you or your loved ones to experience that serious-taste-bud-satisfaction.

COVID-19 introduced new barriers for us against physically immersing ourselves into other cultures. 

We can no longer:
❌ Easily hop onto a plane
❌ Visit a different part of the country
❌ Simply try a new restaurant

And so, Trinh Family Co. was born to allow Aussies:
✅ To experience satisfying Vietnamese cuisine at home
✅ A way to show love with free delivery Australia-wide
✅ A way to thank front-line workers with easy meals

Fancy some Crab Rice Vermicelli?
daddy trinh

Daddy Trinh describes landing in Sydney Airport in 1981 as a re-birth since the Vietnam War.

Featured Products

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This is our way of sharing our family’s love and appreciation for Australia (aka Straya) by sharing food we know and love with you.

Vietnamese Coffee Flavoured Crunchy Peanuts

now available as part of a Trinh Family Co. hamper

Vietnamese peanuts coated with a delicious crunchy Vietnamese coffee flavoured layer. Perfect paired with beer, or just as a snack by itself!

coffee peanuts from your local Aussie Asian food supplier

soon to be available from your local Asian grocery store

Sweet and succulent jackfruit picked off jackfruit trees in Vietnamese farms, that are transformed into beautiful crispy chips by those who have mastered the art to make them just the way that the locals love it. Perfect for a crunchy fruity snack!

Enjoy with your loved ones

💖 Enjoy sharing good food and new experiences with friends and family
💖 Gift our love-filled snacks and hampers to share the love
💖 Mindfully enjoy the taste and texture of our food
💖 Share family stories with your loved ones as you munch away
💖 We consider you part of our family, and invite you to share your stories with us


Our food is for everyone!

"Trinh Family Co.'s jackfruit chips are simply delightful, and oh so moreish. A definite recommendation for all."
llywelyn golesworthy actor optical dispenser man with beard and red glasses
- Llywelyn Golesworthy
"You just can't go without trying the coffee peanuts with a schooner after work or on the weekend. Such a perfect pairing."
zenia jaitley optometrist and hip hop rnb dancer
- Zenia Jaitley
"It's really interesting to try something new and share with friends and family, the coffee peanuts are my favourite!"
jacob jake strong optical dispenser
- Jake Strong
"These are great gifts for when I visit loved ones in Barcelona! I love bringing back some of Australia with me to share with my family."
cristina beautiful spanish lady
- Cristina Ocana